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Ride Journal for notes, photo, and videos

Reach and surpass your riding goals with ride notes that go with you everywhere. You’ll stay focused on your priorities, track your progress, and elevate your performance.

Video/Photo Manager

Prospeqs video manager for equestrians

Celebrate your successes with a media riding portfolio. Store your riding videos and pictures in one, easy-to-access place. Sort videos and photos by your best performances, share them with friends or on social media, or watch them and relive your favorite rides.

Video/Photo Sharing

Prospeqs equestrian app -- ride sharing

Easily share and receive videos and photos with anyone on your contact list. Send your best videos to friends and family who follow your riding career. And, when a friend videos you in the show ring, she can send that video to you within the app — and with a couple of clicks, you can it to your profile. No texting or emailing files required!

Chat 1-on-1 with Coaches & Friends

Have 1-on-1 chats with your coaches or friends. Send a video to your coach who’s traveling and get private feedback that’s attached to your ride notes. Send the same video to your friends and keep those conversations separate from your trainer’s notes.

Adults can copy chat conversations to an external email address for SafeSport compliance.

Earn Points for Prizes

Prospeqs Ride Tracker

Earn points while you track your rides and store photos and videos in Prospeqs. Accrue enough points and you can redeem them for gift cards and other items!

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Reach and surpass your riding goals with Prospeqs-powered ride notes that go with you everywhere. You’ll stay focused on your priorities, track your progress, and elevate your performance.