Equine Fitness: Essential Tips for Planning Rest for Your Horse

Equine fitness and planning your horse's time off.

All athletes benefit from a break. Periods off of work give both body and mind a chance to repair and refresh. For this reason, time off is a necessary part of a sport-horse’s fitness routine. However, giving your horse time off isn’t as simple as stall rest (unless ordered by your veterinarian) — or pulling … Read more

Glucosamine for horses: Does it work?

Caring horse owner petting horse.

Key Points The benefits of supplementing glucosamine for horses aren’t support by scientific data. There are no known harmful effects of giving your horse glucosamine supplements, either. Horse owners will do almost anything they can afford to prevent lameness. One of the most appealing methods of soundness support is the use of nutritional supplements. Supplementation … Read more

Equine Ulcers: 5 Feeding Practices for Prevention & Treatment

Horse with head out of stall.

Equine Gastric Ulcer Syndrome (EGUS) is one of the leading health issues in performance horses. “Unnatural” lifestyle conditions such as infrequent turnout, a high concentrate diet, travel, and physical and emotional stress are all thought to increase the prevalence of gastric ulcers in horses.  Key points Equine ulcers affect your horse’s performance and behavior. A … Read more